Am/CAN Ch. Afterhours Color of the Wind, Am/CAN, ROM
Sire of 25 Champions
1995 - 2007
"Ricky" was bred and owned by Carol Stanley of Afterhours Collies.
Co-bred by Darci Brown & co-owned by Susie Schrieber.

Ricky was from a fabulous litter of 7 which resulted in 5 champions.

Ch. Happy Hour Champagne On Ice
Ch. Happy Hour Color of Night
Ch. Clarion Happy Hour
Ch Karavel Afterhours Ambiance

He was my once in a life time dog and a great collie.
We are so proud of him and will always miss him.

Ricky trivia - at the 2005 CCA, Ricky was the grandsire of Smooth Winners Dog
and Rough Winners Dog.
At the 2006 CCA he was the father of Smooth Winners Bitch
and at the 2007 CCA he is the grandsire of smooth RWD.

"Ricky's" list of Champions include: (click on the names to see photos)
1.Ch. Gambit's Trick Of Light ROM
2. Ch. Impromptu Written on the Wind
3. Ch. Lisara's Wind Spirit
4. Ch. Lisara's Dreamcatcher
5. Am. Can. Ch. Prairiepine's Rumor's and Gossip
6. Am. Can. Ch.Prairiepine's Midnight Thunder
7. Am. Can. Ch. Prairiepine's Quick Silver
8. Ch. Afterhours Nightwind
9. Ch. Ladyvale Afterhours Absolut
10. Ch. Bronmaur's Primary Player
11. Ch. Afterhours Smooth Operator
12. Ch. Afterhours Polkadot Bikini
13. Ch. Afterhours Aragorn of Allegra
14. Ch. Afterhours The Matrix
15. Am. Can. Ch. Afterhours Call Me Starlet
16. Ch. Afterhours Rocks The House
17. Ch. Karavel Afterhours Amulet, HIC
18. Ch. Afterhours The Full Monty
19. Ch. Keltic's Naughty By Nature
20. Am. Can. Ch. Heaven Sent My Inspiration
21. Ch Afterhours Heaven Sent Starlite
22. Ch. Ladyvale Afterhours Electra
23. Ch. Keltics Rolling Stone

24. Ch. Afterhours Keltic Knight

25. Ch. Afterhours Keltic Cross
26. AM/CAN Ch. Afterhours Hidden Assets, Can HIC

Ch. B J's Yankee Blue
Ch. Gambits State Of The Art HT CD
Ch. Kanebriars Gambits Indeed CD
Ch. Gambits Chill Factor
Ch. Gambits The Dragons Roar
Ch. Gambit's Dawn On The Horizon HT
Springs Blue Mist Of Dawn
Am/Can Ch. Gambit's Freeze Frame ROM (Sire)
Ch. B J's Yankee Blue
Ch. Gambits State Of The Art HT CD
Ch. Kanebriars Gambits Indeed CD
Gambit's Arts and Crafts
Ch. Shoreham To Be Reckoned With
Shoreham All That Glitters
Shoreham Misty Road
Caralot The Meadows Edge
Ch. The Meadows Simply Smashing
The Meadows Especially Blue
Ch. The Meadows Notorious ROM
Cantigair Counter Punch
The Meadows Puppycakes Express
Paradice Brolly By Golly
Afterhours Risque ROM (Dam)
Ch. Clarion Color My World
Ch. Clarion True Colors
Paradice Clarion Cliche
Afterhours Iridescence
Afterhours Incognito
Afterhours Moonstruck II
Afterhours China Doll