Best Friends

He's not a champion, although he certainly could have been. I wasn't looking for an AKC title, just a friend. What I found was Dallas. For the past 12 years he has been my constant joy and much-loved sable and white shadow. Where I go he goes. When I laugh, he smiles his wonderful collie smile and shares in the joke. He gets lots more attention than I ever do when we walk down the street, but I don't mind. I have bad hair days, but Dallas never seems to. People tell me he's a beautiful dog and I thank them politely, but they are not telling me something I don't already know. Besides, I'm not talking about his conformation. This dog has more heart and soul in the white tip of his tail than most people I've known in my life. Everyone always thinks that their dog is the best one in the whole world. But in my case, I know that it's true. At 12, he's still going strong and bringing me happiness every single day. I hope he lives forever. Thanks Carole!
Drew Stallard


Fuzzy Foot Warmer

It seems not long ago our first sable collie (Fawn) was carefully guarding the children, laying at their door at night making sure her "sheep “were safely sleeping. Then it was Bo Bo, our tri, who waited at the front door telling me there was still a teenager out at night, and only when the last boy was in his bed would he settle down, sleeping room to room, because now all were accounted for.
Today, two decades later our Rocky, again an “Afterhours collie”, lies by our grandchildren’s bed when they are napping. It is inbred. Our herders are still protecting their sheep. They just do, I don’t know how, no one has taught them, they just know.
For many decades of, comedic puppy displays, for fuzzy foot warmers during cold winter nights, exercise motivation, and unconditional love, I‘d like to thank you Carole Stanley…Not only has one dog totally impressed us by his brilliance, his graceful beauty and loving disposition but all three of them have. I was fortunate that day to have found you. And in turn our family found our heroes…Our wonderful collies!
The Wiedyke family



GCH. Afterhours Paso Doble, HIT, TDI, CGC

My husband bought "Pancho", Afterhours Paso Doble for me in November of 2010.  I was searching for a suitable Service Dog candidate when I happened upon Pancho's picture on the Internet.  After several conversations and some serious vetting on Carole Stanley's part, I was approved as Pancho's new owner.  My husband and I drove from Iowa to Michigan to pick up our new dog.  He was beautiful and more importantly, very intelligent.  Just what I was looking for.  Pancho was just a year old, but already was serious about his work.  He learned right away to wake me in the morning, right on schedule.  He never once messed in the house and was never destructive.  Always my constant shadow and always wanting to please.  In addition to my disability, I had also recently lost my eldest son to a tragic car accident.  My husband and I hoped Pancho would help to get me going again.

February 2011 marked the first anniversary of my son's death.  There happened to be a local dog show that same weekend.  I entered Pancho on a whim, because we needed the distraction and honestly we thought the dog was just drop dead gorgeous.   I had bathed and brushed Pancho before the show and we agreed he looked fabulous. So, my husband and I packed the dog up that weekend and ventured to our first show.  When we entered the show site we were both dumbstruck by hurried bustling, the noise of dryers, the amount of chalk that filled the air in the arena.  We were in absolute awe and a little intimidated!  Still, I knew my dog was fabulous and I was there for other reasons.  I didn't know about "chalking" or anything to do with showing and of course we didn't place that day.   I spoke to Carole that night--she had already heard about my day through the grapevine, word does travel fast!  Don drove me to the local Walgreens to pick up what we could find and mimic the other groomers we had watched that day.  Carole coached me and encouraged me patiently over the phone that night and the next day we placed.  Pancho has been winning ever since!  Pancho, before he turned two, had achieved his Champion Title, Grand Champion Title, his Herding Instinct Title, his Canine Good Citizen Title and his Service Dog Certification.  We are working on our Therapy Dog Title and Obedience titles now.  

Pancho has been my lifesaver, literally.  He gets me out of bed everyday, helps me with daily chores and makes me smile when my world is otherwise dark and gray.  His breeder, Carole Stanley has been nothing but encouraging and patient with our endless questions and stories.  Not only have we gained a wonderful dog, but more importantly, Carole has become a very dear friend.  


Don and Amy Buboltz
Shelby, Iowa 12/11/11

My Girl
I lived in Traverse City, Michigan, for 9 years with my husband, my
son and our collie.  Our collie, Tasha, was a tri, well-behaved, a
big lover and we adored her.  She was 8 months old when we
bought her and she was very timid.  Over time, she came to trust
us and we felt lucky to have her.  She had a routine where we let
her out every morning for about 15 minutes to run around and do
her duties.  One morning, my husband let Tasha out like normal,
but when he went to get her, she was gone.  From what we could
piece together, someone had taken her.  We were all crushed.  I
cried for weeks, grieving for the one dog I truly felt connected to.  I
vowed never to get another dog because I just couldn’t handle the
pain of losing one again.
In August of 2005, my husband wanted to get me a collie for my
birthday, and he had located Afterhours Collies in Holly, Michigan.
When he approached me about his idea, I dug my feet in, telling
him I did not want a dog.  He begged me to go look at them.
Finally, after much pushing, I agreed to go to Afterhours Collies

and that’s where I met Carole and Ted Stanley and their big family of collies. Carole showed me some puppies, and I asked if she had
any collies a little older.  That’s when she showed me an 8 month old tri she had.  I played with her and figured I would see how smart
she was by teaching her to sit.  Within 10 minutes, this dog had it down.  I was surprised.  I told Carole I wanted to think about it, and
she agreed that I should make absolutely sure I wanted her.  About a week later, I went back to look at the 8 month old tri again.  When
I got there, I told her to sit, and she did sat without hesitation!  She remembered! I spent more time with her and taught her how to
shake this time.  Again, I left without her, because I just couldn’t get past my thoughts of losing another dog.  Finally, 3 days later, I went
and got her.  I knew I wanted her, and I named her Chloe. 
Over the next few months, we got to know Chloe, and she got to know us. She was such a good dog and even though I “liked” her, I
found myself putting a wall up and not allowing myself to get close to her.  Slowly, and surely, she worked her way into my heart, and I
spent time teaching her all kinds of tricks.  One afternoon, when playing with her in the back yard, I realized……….she was like having
Tasha back again.  They acted the same, loved the same, and played the same.  I had my “buddy” again.
In December of 2007, I lost my husband, and then 3 days later, I lost my job.  My world came crashing down.  I was alone and losing
everything.  I couldn’t handle it, and called Carole to tell her she needed to find a home for Chloe because I couldn’t take care of her
anymore.  Carole agreed to take her, and when I left her with Carole, I cried my eyes out.  For the next week, I couldn’t function.  My
losses were great, and I was so lonely.  I called Carole……….I wanted my dog back!!  I didn’t want anyone else to have her, and I
would figure out a way to keep her.  She told me to come and get her.  She purposely didn’t try to find a Chloe a new home because
she knew I would be back to get her.  When I got to Carole’s, she brought Chloe in to me, and I got down on my knees, wrapped my
arms around her neck and hugged her, sobbing.
The next couple of years were rough on me, and holding onto Chloe was very tough, but Carole was there to help pick up the slack.
She knew this dog belonged with me, and she wasn’t about to let Chloe go to anyone else.  I’m slowly getting back on my feet now,
and I do not know how I would have ever made it through without my beautiful Chloe.  She has been there to let me cry on her
shoulders, hug her when something good has happened, dance with her when I’ve won a battle, lay on her when I was lonely and love
me when I was at my lowest point.  I’m greeted every morning with a wagging tail and followed all over when I get home from work.
She has been a comfort through my darkest days.  She has my heart.
Chloe is my funny, furry, buddy.  I even taught her to sing and when I showed Carole, her comment to me was, “You have way too much
time on your hands”!   Maybe……..but I’m spending it with the love of my life.  Thanks Carole……and keep doing what you do!!!!! 

Joanie Harshman